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martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Music Moday: I think you should meet George Ezra

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I hope your Monday is being nice :)
Today is my first music Monday so I better get this started. First of all I wanted to talk to you about an AMAZING-AWESOME-INCREDIBLE musician called George Ezra.

Let's start this up! George Ezra  is a British singer songwriter whose sound is so...bluesy? He released his debut EP (Did you hear the rain?) in 2013 and his second one (Cassy O') in 2014. What else can I say about him? Well he's #petan, he favourited one of my tweets (I couldn'tstop myself) and it doesn't seem like his voice belongs to his body.

He is currently on the road for his headline tour and doing a lot of interview. Also he has an album coming out, "Wanted on Voyage will be released on 30 June 2014 (and I'll be buying it).

From the interview I've read and his social media, George is a very funny person with a huge imagination, whose creativity helps him to write really good stories which eventually are turned into songs. He says that his songs are somehow made-up stories with an element of truth, which, in my opinion, makes them beautiful.

As far as I know he's come out of nowhere. Like seriously, I don't really know when he's started getting the recognition he deserves. I know he toured with Tom Odell, Lucy Rose, Rae Morris and played at Galstonbury BUT HOW? I dunno, but he definitely has talent for that and more. 

Also look at him!

Follow Georgina (yes, I've just caled him Georgina) awesome people!

PS: Tomorrow is Thoughts Tuesday YAY!!!
PS1: Thank you for reading and pretty please comment :)
PS2: I'm already preparing next Monday's playlist it's ging to be HUUUGE and COOOOOL so prepare yourselvesssss
♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

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  1. The sound of his voice shocked me, but I like it!
    I'll have to look more into his music now(:

    1. It shocked me at first too!! Now I can't stop listening to Georgina :) Btw thank you so much for commenting!! It makes me so happy!!


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