Life seemed like a kaleidoscope to me. Everything changed and nothing made sense…but it was wonderful

lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Who is it?? A satire written by Penny

This individual mantis-look alike, is possibly the worst teacher that will have, or have ever had. With statements like: "You won't have any vacations again until you retire", "the American dream is to invade Canada and South America", "you can not study what you want because there are no jobs"... and other things that a typical loser would say. Still do not know how he keeps his job.
He goes around saying he had a super job in the international music industry, and that he has met Rihanna, Usher (I DON'T THINK SO)... However, he doesn't own a house or some independence, (still living with his parents).
He does not explain ANYTHING, well the examples while reading the book, how good! (sarcasm).
Despite his "almost on my forty" immature appearance and personality, supposedly he has many friends, although I do not think he ever leaves home. Probably those he call friends are the ones that he stalk on Facebook and who answer for charity.
According to him, Sanlúcar is the best city in the world and where the best companies are, but all companies that he names (and obviously are the best in the world) doesn't even exist. Did I metion that he thinks Apple is one of the worst companies? UhOh did I notice some rivalry or selfishness that should not exist?
Let us not forget his stereotypes: if he puts an action movie, the girls will not like it, so I have to look for one with a handsome star. SORRY BUT NO! Look I have enough judgment to know that what according to you is the best movie of 2012 has no plot whoever the star is. If it sucks, IT SUCKS. The fact that it has dirty scenes that a disgusting professor thinks are cool, will not make it the best film of 2012. You don't have a girlfriend for some reason, dude.

*yeh i know it says thyings*

Este individuo con aspecto de mantis religiosa, es posiblemente el peor profesor que vaya a tener, o haya tenido jamás. Con declaraciones como: no volveréis a tener vacaciones hasta que os jubiléis, el sueño americano es invadir Canadá y Sudamérica, no podéis estudiar lo que os guste porque no hay trabajo... y otras cosas propias de un fracasado. Aún así no se cómo conserva su trabajo.
Va por ahí diciendo que tenía un supertrabajo en la industria de la música internacional, y que ha conocido a Rihanna, Usher (NO LO CREO)... Sin embargo no tiene casa propia o algo de independencia, sigue con sus padres.
No explica NADA, bueno si los ejemplos mientras lee el libro, ¡qué bien! (ironía).
A pesar de su aspecto de cuasi cuarentón inmaduro y su personalidad, supuestamente tiene muchos amigos, aunque no creo que salga de su casa. Probablemente llame amigos a aquellos que acosa por Facebook y le contestan por caridad.
Según él Sanlúcar es la mejor ciudad del mundo y donde están las mejores empresas, aunque todas las empresas que nombra y que son las mejores del mundo ni siquiera existen. Pero claro, todas menos Apple UhOh noto cierta rivalidad o egocentrismo que no debería existir.

Y no olvidamos sus estereotipos: si pone una película de acción, a las chicas no les gustará, así que tengo que buscar una con un autor guapo. SORRY BUT NO! Mira tengo suficiente criterio como para saber que lo que según tú es la mejor película del 2012 no tiene argumento sea quien sea el protagonista. Si es una mierda, ES UNA MIERDA. Que tenga escenas subiditas de tono que a un profesor asqueroso le molen no la hacen la mejor película del 2012. Si no tienes novia es por algo chaval.

PD1: Please leave some commments below and tell me what you think and some of your stories!
PD2: He is no longer teaching at mi school.
PD3: Bye lovely people!

martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Yours Truly

Hace tiempo que no escribo, y es que he decidido que sería mucho mejor empezar a escribir en mi idioma en vez de inglés. Aunque había que intentarlo.

Ahora, a lo que iba --> YOURS TRULY DE ARIANA GRANDE SALIÓ HOY A LA VENTA, y he pensado en reviewearlo (sí, me invento palabras y todo).
El disco en conjunto está muy bien para ser su primer LP, se nota que ha trabajado mucho en este proyecto. Y es que estamos hablando del que podría ser el mejor álbum pop del año. Desde mi punto de vista la voz de Ariana Grande era uno de los secretos mejor guardados de la industria.

Puedo afirmar que este debut estilo retro/throwback ha superado todas mis expectativas por varias razones:
♪ Realmente puede cantar (¡¡¡¡¡Y DE QUÉ FORMA!!!!)
♪ No todos los artistas pueden decir que su primer álbum tiene cuatro colaboraciones.
♪ Volviendo a la voz...realmente tiene canciones que la lucen y escucharla es tan asdfghjkl.
♪ POR FIN UN ÁLBUM SOBRE AMOR Y POSITIVO, y es que las canciones transmiten una positividad y tranquilidad  que más de uno querría (manda esta indirecta al cantante que quieras).
♪ Nada que ver pero la chica puede cantar en directo:
Me encantan: la canción Tattoed Heart y Piano porque son taaaaaaaaaan bonitas. Aunque ha sido realmente difícil elegir me quedo con esas dos.
No me gustan: Better Left Unsaid, no me malinterpretéis pero sobra en serio, la base que tiene y el estilo no hacen destacar su voz. Y la colaboración con Big Sean...bueno...
Os recomiendo que escuchéis la versión de Almost Is Never Enough en el soundtrack de The Mortal Instruments a mí me gusta más.

PD: Los comentarios no vienen mal para saber si lo hago bien.
Bye lovelies! ♥

jueves, 25 de julio de 2013

Tick Tock this is a clock

It would be better if I saw my life like it was the Hunger Games. Don't get me wrong, what I mean is that we could imagine that we're in the games but without killing people obviously.
It's more about reaching our goals, if not you die (not literally), fail or however you want to call it. That means you haven't win the games and you're surrended by the power of the Capitol which are society and its prejudices.

So I'll try this method to time trial ,maybe it helps with my lazyness...who knows? That being said, imagine Effie Trinket saying:

PD1: Im not crazy
PD2: Do people read my posts? Am I writting to nobody?
PD3: Correct my grammar mistakes please

miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Dear Suzanne Collins: you ruined my life

I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a week, but I've been recovering and also I've been into reading THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY. Two days ago I finished the last book and now...I don't know what to do with my life. This book has consumed me in a way that is impossible for me to explain.
When I finished Mockinjay my tears turn to dust and I had like a litle panic attack. It was as if I was in this bubble (I even dreamed about book or didn't sleep some nights) and suddenly BOOM! Explosion and I've been thrown to the vacuum.
So there I was baking muffins and keeping myself busy with stupid stuff, or simply wandering around my house till 1D's new video came out, I was fangirling quite a bit and then COOM! again. Back to my previous mood (whatever it is).
I have to remind myself over again thta it's not real and it'll never be, I shouldn't hang on there I have to let go. It can't affect me.

Now think about it: Katniss' world is horrible then...Why do I want to be her live in her world and that stuff? I don't know, I guess I'm silly and I just need to get out of my paralyzing lethargy and do something.

PS: I'm kidding Suzanne you are awesome so thank you
PS2: Don't laughed at me
PS·: If you understand what I'm saying then thank you

jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

First post...and i'm so scared

So it turns out that this is like the 100th blog I've started this year and hopefully, the first one that I keep.
I don't know how to introduce myself because I don't really think you've came here to read what I like and don't so I'll just let you some of my favourites things (apart from food):
Listen to this:

Read this:

Watch this: 

and of course enjoy Audrey Hepburn's work in any of her movies

PS: If I have any grammar mistakes i'm sorry, tell me and i'll correct them.
PS2: Love yourseves!