Life seemed like a kaleidoscope to me. Everything changed and nothing made sense…but it was wonderful

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: We're back in 1989 with Ms Taylor Swift

We can call it a comeback. After taking a two years break from music (not really 'cause she worked on her new album) Swift is back and not empty handed, she's bringing us GOOD POP, like REALLY GREAT. As always she's change, grown and written her life in songs that we can make ours, all mix with 80's sounds that blend perfectly with the 1989's concept.

The album starts with 'Welcome to New York', the track that says goodbye to Nashville's country sweetheart and hello to the new worlwide pop-star that Taylor has become. She makes us dance along to her new beat with lines like "Took our broken hearts put them in a drawer" "Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before". This is definitely the best introducing track she could've chosen.

The second song, "Blank Space" IS INSANE. So many good lyrics in just one song, this one is probably one of the radio jams we're getting from this album. It's the perfect combination of base+lyrics+vocals, I just can't stop nodding my head to this beat, one of my favourite definitely. Please take a look at this sassy/perfect lyrics:
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane

Cause you know I love the players

And you love the game

Next two tracks are appearently about Harry Styles from 1D, "Style" (I mean, c'mon Tay-Tay...) and "Out of the woods". Taylor herself said that OOTW is about the breakable nature of some relationships and it's true, she got what she wanted, she made this song sound like the emotions. I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW POWERFUL AND GOOD THIS SONG IS OR HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL BUT IT IS DEFINITELY A GOOD FEELING.

Then we've got the typical pop sounds with "All you had to do was stay" and the can't-stop-replaying "Shake it off" and the omg-that-melody-is-awesome "I wish you would". Three different songs about different issues, we have love and how one part of the relationship reminds the other how they should've either stayed or comeback, not throw it all away with stupid fights. AND SHAKE IT OFF IS SUUUUCH A HAPPY SONG.

Now, "Bad Blood", which I personally love, maybe because I feel very identified with the lyrics and the rythm is so cheerleader alike, making it a relatively "sad" song about a bad friendship/relationship that once was kind of perfect and full of good memories. I'm in love with the lyrics 

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes

You say sorry just to show

I'm sorry but I feel kind of weird about "Wildest Dreams" because I feel like she has listen too much Lana del Rey. Don't get me wrong, I love Lana del Rey, but I'd rather listen to Taylor not doing this music because it's hard not to compare them. And as sorry as I am to say lyrics and parts of the beat are so Lana it's uncomfortable.

Another worth mentioning song is "Clean" which reminds me of RED album vibes and I love it. Seriously this track is amazing. i was afraid the album would missed a ballad but here it is.

So without further ado, I recommend listening to this album on repeat anytime at anyday, the sooner the better. Enjoy the lyrics, the beat, the pop sounds we all need sometimes. Swift's riskiest work to date gets her rid of the image of the Taylor we all knew, giving us a new, fresh and powerful woman who knows what she wants, goes and gets it. But we don't have to go deep inside to see tha Tay-Tay will always be Tay-Tay.

PS: Not the best review to date, I kept rewritting it and this is the best version I've got.

PS2: Next post --> TOMORROW (because being the messy person I am, I didn't upload on Sunday).

PS3: Gosh two comments in the same post... THANK YOU!! Thank you for taking time and reading my shit, it is what makes me happy, it's what I love to do, so thank you so much for considering it worth your time THANK YOU!!!

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miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

On future and how it turns out to be one of the scariest things for me

Sooooo the main issue here. I'm scared, extremely fearful about the career choice I've made.
I've chosen to study a degree in Psychology, but I'm not sure I've made the right decision.
Today, I was, very seriously, thinking (wow, my brain actually works) about what I want to do with my life when I finish my degree, basically what I will do for the rest of my life. yeezzzz, I want to do so many things!

Psychology seemed like what I wanted to study at first, and I'm not gonna lie, I really like the subjects I'm taking, but what if I'm wrong?
I mean, I want to help people, of course (that's why I'm studying Psychology in the first place) but I also want to be a speaker, I want to write books, I want to be an expert at Economics and English, I want to be able to speak 5 different languages at least. I really want to make music and discover all of physics' secrets (yes I love physics don't judge), I want to learn about graphic design, design my own clothing line, volunteer for at least two years straight... I WANT TO CREATE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Then, after thinking of all that, I had a panic attack, and after twenty minutes I realised that I've bitten my nails way too much much; one of my fingers was bleeding. So yeh...
What I want to tell you with this huge paragraph about how indecisive I am, is that if I would've had all the resources I would've studied English or music because that is what I really wanted (maybe if I were studying any of those, I would tell you that I wanted Psychology, 'cause that's what humans do). I'm not saying I've become the person people wanted me to be, but I'm 100% sure I'm not who I wanted to be by this time in my life either.

My darlings, when deciding about your future, write down your life goals, choose your prior one and divide it in small goals till you find one that is reachable at that time. That must be the next step you're taking in your life.
When deciding your future think for yourself and isolate from any external variables. It's your future, and you should be able to do whatever the hell you want about it.

Summing up, probably the best decision is the one that, when you think where it's gonna take you in ten years time, it allows you to picture yourself as a happy and fulfilled human being.

PS: I still don't know where the hell I'm going or what the fuck I'm doing.
PS2: Next post coming on Friday!! (omg I'm actually sticking to a plan, this is new)
PS3: If you're thinking about commenting or have just read this post THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE AWESOME

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lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

This songs sound like leaves falling. The ultimate Autumn Playlist

After (at least) two weeks of over-thinking and editing my Spotify playlist a thousand times to find the perfect autumnal sound, I decided to share with you my "Autumn Vibes" playlist.
I love all the songs that are here presented, but I must say my favourites are Pine Trees, Asleep, Slide Away and the masterpiece that is I Gave You All.
I tried to mix as many genres as I could, there are oldies and newbies, pop and folk... but all these songs get me in the fall mood and they've became my soundtrack for the past few days. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and also, tell me more songs so I can expand my collection.

PS: Do you have an Autumn playlist? 'Cause I would love to see  what kind of music ya'll into.
PS2: Next post coming on Wednesdaaaay any clue?
PS3: Thank you so so much for reading. I very much appreciate that you take time to read my posts and OMG EVEN COMMENTING SOMETIMES

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miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Ariana Grande is probably your everything by now

Just... don't take that title too seriously. But c'mon this month pretty much kicked off with Ariana's new album released and girl IT DIDN'T DISSAPOINTED AT ALL! This album is much more grown up than Yours Truly (which is the album I've replayed the most to date), it shows Ari's actual age and the fact that the little Broadway girl wants a place in the international pop scene.
I personally love this album, and though I can't say I love it more than the previous one, I can honestly state that it contains hits that will be stuck even in the heads of the indiest people out there.
Maybe it contains a bit too much collabs and not as many love/passion kind of songs, but we need to see where we're going form here.
Let's start with some of the songs!!

Ariana Grande – Intro: I love this Intro is the perfect introduction for this album, and the vocals fit perfectly with the melody. It's one of the small details in this album that shows us that Ariana is one of The Voices.

Ariana Grande – Problem: This is THE HIT of the album, though is not my favourite (I think I'm getting a bit tired of this one already) it is the catchiest one and the first single of "My Everything". Though Iggy does a good thing on the album the live version of her rap is quite dissapointing from my point of view.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time: Personally I see this as a single, it gives you the kind of getting ready/party night vibe. What I like about Grande's songs is the fact that it is not just pop, it is good pop and it shows the color of her voice.

Ariana Grande – Why Try: Not one of the best ones, though the vocals are good. But I just don't get some of the lines, probably that's why I don't like it that much :)

Ariana Grande – Break Free: Best second single ever!! Ariana recently said in an interview that this could be an I-got-over-you song or (the one I chose) a song about all the things that once trapped you and you'd overcome. I love this kind of empowering when it comes to pop songs (or songs in general, they're good for working-out if ya'll know what I mean).

Ariana Grande – Best Mistake: That beginning OMG, the vocals, piano, backing kind of beat mixture is amazing. The way Ariana's vocals blend with one another is a pleasure to hear and this song in general is beautiful, one of my favourites without doubt. Big Sean does a good job from what I know. The end of this song is what your ears have been waiting for since the song itself started huh?

Ariana Grande – Be My Baby: I'll just say that for me this is a very danceable (just made up a word) song but that's it. Very repetitive, even more than common pop songs. No more comments.

Ariana Grande – Break Your Heart Right Back:This song is summery and very dance-with-your-besties-at-a-party. It's a rollercoaster of rythims and backing vocals (THIS GIRL IS TOO MUCH). You can help it but go ahead and follow the music, even if it is drumming with your fingers buddy.

Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder: Explicit lyrics compare with the rest of the album in this one. Ariana has made a slow evolution to let us all get accostumed to her new beat and the path she's taking. It's interesting the way they've decided to blend all the melodies, voices, echoes... COOL!

Ariana Grande – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart: My fave, beautiful, wonderful ballad. I was worried that this album wouldn't get a proper ballad, like Tattoed Heart in the previous album but this song is just one proof that Ari knows what to work with. Appearently Styles wrote this song WHO KNEW THE BOY COULD WRITE LIKE THIS? The lyrics please listen carefully, just listen.

Ariana Grande – Hands On Me: I'm sorry but I can't help but see this as some kind of 90's poppy song, like from Britney or something (but with much better vocals). I don't know the story of this song and though it fits on the explicit kind of look she wants on the album, I just see it as a dancefloor song, yep, exactly, good for dancing.

Ariana Grande – My Everything: Closing the Standard album is another one of my favourites. I don't know why but this song makes me feel as if I had a recent breakup. I'm not lying when I say that I've cried some tears with this lyrics and beat. Stunning ballad to finish this album and showing the world that she's chamaleonic and authentic.

Jessie J – Bang BangAriana Grande – Only 1Ariana Grande – You Don't Know Me: This are the Bonus Tracks included in the Deluxe Edition, not worth missing, believe me.

PS: Hope you like this review! Have you listened to hte album? What do you think about it?
PS2: Tomorrow seems like a recipe kind of day huh? Or do you prefer some messed up thoughts?

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Love as I saw it

I'm not talking about the one you're raised with in a happy home,
I'm talking about the one you choose.
The one that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach without even see it coming,
The one that... with just one look leaves you without breathable air.
I want to feel it.
What is love? Where are you love?
Because everytime I seem to find you, you run away.
Where are you hiding?
The more you think you know it, the less you'll know.
LOVE is just a word made by lots of feelings.
I want to find my other half,
I want to know how it feels when he holds me.
How can I do it? How can your happiness depend on someone?
I've travelled all around the world, listened all the songs and yet... I don't know what love is.
It hurts when it's gone,
It's human, you can't live without it.
But while it lasts you'll be taking the risk.

PD: Don't know what's going on in this little head of mine (sorry if things got cheesy)
PD1: What about some recipes next huh??? huh???
PD2: If you're reading this I love you (please comment what you think about love)

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martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Thoughts Tuesday: What a beautiful trip is this ladies and gentleman

This August I've been lucky enough to visit some of the most historical cities of Spain. Here are some pictures of Toledo, Segovia and Ávila.

PD: If you want me to complete this post with more info about the buildings and stuff just tell me (i didn't want to write that much in case it was too long with the pictures and everything).
PD1: I've never done this kind of post, but I love photography and I wanted to show you where I've been this whoooole time.

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Music Mondays: It all started in a "Starry, Starry Night"

Jake Bugg, also known as the person who introduced me to good music, is for me, one of the best musicians out there right now. I started listening to Jakey back in 2012, so two years ago, and to be honest I didn't liked him at first... at all. Now here I am, watching his Reading gig for the third time this afternoon.

I still remember that night at like 23:00 when I found out that Spotify had an app called We Are Haunted, which had a "new artits" tag. I clicked it and there was Jake, he wasn't even in the top ten. The first time I listened to Lightning Bolt I was like WTF (understand that I came from listening to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, no offense).

Then, after some time, I looked him up on youtube and I came across his mini-performance in a radio station where he sang Saffron. I inmediatly started watching all the videos there were available at that time. The next day I was buying his first album.

Bugg started playing guitar after listening to Starry, Starry Night in The Simpsoms when he was twelve, then he started writing at fourteen. By the age of 17 he was invited to play at the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury. In 2011 he signed with Mercury Records, and by now he has two albums in the market while he is working on the third one.

Now after a paragraph full of facts, I'd like to add my personal opinion. Jake Bugg's music has changed the way I see life and how I see myself. Back in 2012 (worst year for me), I used to put my headphones on and cry while listening to Note to Self on replay till I stopped. I also started to play my guitar again after his album was delivered. I started taking chances and also spending my time on things I love, like music.

Don't ask me why, or how because I don't know. Jake's music has made me smile more than I could ever thank him. His songs have helped me in ways I couldn't think were possible, and I'm incredibly thankful for that (so probably this won't be the last post you read about Jake on my blog).

So please, lovely people on the Internet, give it a try and listen to his music because it is incredibly awesome.

FINAL NOTE TO JAKE BUGG: I don't know where I would be without your music so thank you. Thank you for making me rely on music again. Thank you for loving Oasis as much as I do. Thank you for doing so much without even knowing it. Please if you can and want, don't stop making music, like ever (ok maybe at some point).

PD: Oh shit, things got cheesy, sorry... Btw, I'm not a stalker
PD1: THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING AND READING (if you still actually reading my blog)
PD2: Back to the old format in case you've noticed. 

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Multiply yourself with Ed Sheeran's new album (ok that was poor)

I was up until late yesterday just to listen to the album and it didn't disappoint, it is in fact, beautiful. But... I kind of miss some depth in this album, because all the songs are good but not all of them are deep and overthought like I feel they were in the previous album. But Hey! he is growing and changing and all that stuff so let's see where we develop from here. What I wanted to say is that I'm glad I waited almost three years for this. Let's start with the songs in "x"

Ed Sheeran – One: Appearently this is the last song Eddie wrote about his muse for "+" so it's obviously good. It's a ballad, really quiet and one of the things I like the most about it is that you can actually hear all the instruments pretty clearly (like in every other ed's song). Oh god when it comes to Eddie I can't even...

Ed Sheeran – I'm A Mess: Fun fact about this one --> It was written in a shower and also it was the first one I've learned with guitar from this album. In this song Teddy sings that he is a mess and looks for sweet surrender. He also says "Before tonight I wanna fall in love" which I don't know why makes me feel incredibly sad (not that much don't worry). Let's omit the phrase "put your faith in my stomach". It's is an incredibly simple folk song that mixes great with the background of voices and guitar riffs.

Ed Sheeran – Sing: This one is like R&B meets pop and Ed's guitar? At least that's how I see it. Ed said this one was "out of his comfort zone" but I absolutly love it and I'm glad it was the album's first single because it gave it the attention it deserved (so many its). We all live for Ed's falsetto and you know it, so don't say you don't like this song because you do ;)

Ed Sheeran – Don't: MY JAM!!!!! Kind of explicit isn't it? But it's good. Teddy said it was a bit personal and that he was doubting about putting it in the album. BUT PLEASE! It describes incredibly perfectly (what the f?) how an appearently perfect and happy relationship develops. Just pay attention to this and tell me it is not awesome:
                                                    And I never saw him as a threat
                                 Until you disappeared with him to have sex of course
                                                   It's not like we were both on tour
                                     We were staying on the same fucking hotel floor

Ed Sheeran – Nina: This one is about Nina Nesbitt? (too basic maybe). Teddy sings to someone call Nina, telling her that he's no good and that he can't commit at the moment because he is on tour and everything. This one is catchy so keep an eye on it.

Ed Sheeran – Photograph: This song is THE SONG. Let me cry while I listen to it. Photograph is for me the best song in the album and the one that shows me that "+" Eddie stills here (no  seriously I'm feeling the tears now). The drums fit perfectly in this song and I can also hear the guitar perfectly and a piano sometimes. It's an ode to love just by listenning to the lyrics I get goosebumps. This song is romantic and I love it.

Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream: It has references to chemicals alcoholism and dark stuff. Eddie shows his vulnerable side with sincere lyrics. As many other songs this one shows how scared he is to be left alone and so he asks for forgiveness. If it is about real events it was probably written during a hard time when he felt kind of hopeless. He sings: I've been sitting here for ages, ripping out the pages, how'd I get so faded?

Ed Sheeran – Tenerife Sea: I love the guitar in this song, and how the song is so romantic and full of feelings. Eddie S tells his lover that he is so in love and that he loves everything about her. I like the fact that he seems to pay attention to every single detail he loves about this certain person, and how he points them out in this song. SO BEAUTIFUL OH MY! When the Should this be the last thing I see line comes is too much.

Ed Sheeran – Runaway: LOOPED VOCALS AGAIN!!!!!! I'm personally not very interested in this song but I have to say the instrumental is AWESOME, the mixture is genious. I'm going to see Eddie perform live in November a day before my birthday and I'm curious about this one.

Ed Sheeran – The Man: "You need me, I don't need you" vibe isn't it? Vulnerable song again, really open, that speaks about his fears of fame, love, chemicals maybe? I don't know but this one is a song to be overanalyzed and it's 1.57 AM. I leave it to open interpretation. Just saying it's almost a TOTALLY rap song.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud: This is a happy song about a longlasting relationship (a life-lasting one I'd say) and it also makes me cry. Eddie sings that he loves his girl above everything and forever and he pictures a lovely scene of him and his partner loving each other when they are older, he says it is a "walk down the aisle song" I love the lyrics forever too: 
When my hairs all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds dont remember my name
When my hands don't play the strings the same way 
I know you will still love me the same

Ed Sheeran – Afire Love: I needed to put this one, because you seriously need to listen to it. But it is too personal for me to write about it at the moment. It is in the Deluxe version of the album, also the bridge of this song is too much.

PS: Hope you love this album as much as I do! What do you think about it?
PS2: Tomorrow I'll  probably review Lewis Watson's album because he streamed it for his mailing list (I'm included there). But if you're interested in another kind of post I could try and make a double update.
PS3: SERIOUSLY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING AND READING AND CLICKING THIS BLOG!!! Also, Sabine B you're awesome, your comments always make me smile.

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lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Music Monday: Britpop and 20 songs

So this is 90s week. Why? you may ask, well maybe because I'm a huge fan of Britpop, 90s Fashion and the fact that they didn't have mobile phones. I don't really know but I feel as if I belonged to that era more than mine (let's be honest, music is one of my main reasons).
So here it's my top 20 Britpop songs, I could be talking about this movement the whole day but let just make it comfortable for both of us. So WHAT IS THIS BRITPOP THING I LISTEN TO WA TOO MUCH?

Britpop is something like alternative rock. It was born in the early 90s, its songs were kind of simple and the sounds were clear (I usually can tell what instruments they are using, which include bass, drums, guitars, tambourine for Liam Gallagher...)
These bands are also really good because of their influences, they used bands as The Beatles (from the 60s 70s) as inspiration. Britpop was incredibly popular during the mid-90s

Oasis, Blur, The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers, Placebo, Supergrass, The Verve, Charlatans, The Smiths (please)... are my favorites and they were successful enough to hit the US charts in some cases, but when the 90s ended the movement died with them.

You can tell that 2000s bands are influenced by this movement, but the original ones have mostly disappeared (like my beloved Oasis) or they've changed  like Radiohead (nothing to do with what they were).

PS: Do you like Britpop as much as I do? What kind of music do you like? Feel free to comment (I really love your comments)
PS2: Hope you're as excited as I am for 90s week.
PS3: You're all awesome just like Oasis (they're my favourite)

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥


viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

AnyTHing Thursday: A satire about a square head

Believe it or not, some people out there despise the arts, wheter it is music, drawing, photography, dancing... They think it is not worth our time, and therefore, people who spend their lives in an artistic way, are waisting their time.
I've come across a few of them in my school (a few luckily), and they are obsessed with maths and physics, not in a way. Like I love maths too, but they live to prove with science that  Human Studies and Arts are not worth our time. Also, they make sure you feel bad about choosing that discipline, and remind you constantly that you're going to have a hard time finding a job.
So this is for them, enjoy it:

Ignorante, eso es lo que eres.
Todo tan cuadriculado que lo tienes, aparentas cabeza bien amueblada, pero te hemos pillado en plena mudanza de palabras sin sentido.
Y tú sin saber que tú científica mente no sabe más que raíces cuadradas
¿pero cultura? JA de eso nada.
Te diagnostico con la peor enfermedad cultural, la ignorancia.
Aguda, infección la ignorancia; te hará perderte grandes cosas mientras tu absurda prepotencia patética te cegará.
Además, en equipo no sabes trabajar.
Y tu superioridad no llega a la de la mosca.
Por favor mantén la boca cerrada porque no hay peor cosa que hablar si no sabes nada.
¿Crees que a alguien así le dejarán hacer aviones para volar?
Por favor escucha mi petición y no hagas que se convierta en epidemia, ya que al escucharte, los que en ellos tienen la semilla de la pasividad, creerán lo que dices y se harán ignorantes, incultos igual.

Por favor ponte en cuarentena, no nos hará mal. Mientras tanto disfruta de tu ignorancia y lee algo.

Idon't know how it looks like in English, I tried to made it look as similar as possible, but it doesn't even rhyme. Sorry about that.

Ignorant, that's what you are. 
All of you is squared, looks like you have a well-furnished head, but we've caught in the middle of moving nonsense words. 
And you don't know that your scientific mind knows nothing but square roots 
But culture? JA nothing about that. 
I diagnosed you the worst Cultural disease, ignorance. 
Acute infection ignorance; you will lose great things while your pathetic mindless arrogance will blind you. 
Also, you do not know team work. 
And your superiority does not reach the fly's one. 
Please keep your mouth shut because there is nothing worse than talking without knowing nothing.
Do you think someone like that will let you make airplanes fly? 
Please listen to my request and do not make it become epidemic, if someone who have in them the seed of passivity listens to you, they will believe what you say and will become ignorant, uneducated like you. 
Please put yourslef in quarantine, it will not make us wrong. Meanwhile enjoy your ignorance and read something.

PS: Every single comment means a lot THANK YOU!!
PS2: I'm preparing next week, and it's got a theme and WHT A THEME!! I'll tell you on Sunday :)

♥ See you TODAY beautiful people ♥

Reviewing Wednesday: TFIOS soundtrack is not a fault (bad one I know)

Jake Bugg – Simple As This
Grouplove – Let Me In
Birdy – Tee Shirt
Kodaline – All I Want
Tom Odell – Long Way Down
Charli XCX – Boom Clap
STRFKR – While I'm Alive
The Indians – Oblivion
The Radio Dept. – Strange Things WIll Happen
Afasi & Filthy – Bomfalleralla
Ray LaMontagne – Without Words
Birdy – Not About Angels
Lykke Li – No One Ever Loved
M83 – Wait
Birdy – Best Shot - Bonus Track
Yesterday, when I opened iTunes I realized TFIOS SOUNDTRACK  HAD BEEN RELEASED!! And of course I was happy about it. So after listening to it like there was no tomorrow, I feel capable enough to review it (just the singles though because if would be too long otherwise). Let's get this started then... (no worries as much as it hurts there won't be spoilers)

ED SHEERAN - ALL OF THE STARS: It hurts, I'm not ok after listening to this song. I instantly grab the book form my bookshelf when this masterpiece started. I mean, I could feel it, and it was wonderful. This song must be played in a certain scene in the end or the credits (I'll say no more) If you read the book you know what I'm talking about. Don't cry while watching the video.

GROUPLOVE - LET ME IN: Why do I love this song so much???? Somebody tell me. it sets me in a good mood, "like I ride a rollercoaster", this song it's what young love is about. This indie rockers will got you "swimming in clouds" (like seriously, that's what you do when you're in love). I bet you're tired of those songs telling you that if you love someone you should let them go, well...this is not the case YASSS!!

BIRDY - TEE SHIRT: Birdy's songs for this soundtrack are my faourite. If they'd asked me who I would've choose for the soundtrack, I would've said: Whole soundtrack = Birdy. Tee shirt is acoustic and simple, but enough to make me want to find love (and I appreciate my independency, no offense) It describes the way our mind works when we like someone you know what I mean?

I know
cause I've spent
half this morning
thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in
I should know
cause I'd spend
oh the whole day
listening to your message I'm keeping
and never deleting

CHARLI XCX - BOOMCALP: I remember this being the first song they released and me being happy about it. This song is fun and this book is not about being always crying right? Soooo move your head to the rhythm. Is dance-pop, nothing new when it comes to a picnic in the emotional fields of love buuuut the sound is good...I like it ok??

BIRSY - NOT ABOUT ANGLES: Birdy!! My friend when can we go and grab a coffee?? I love her songs way too much. Her voice in this song will send you to a certain part of the book (no spoilers remember??) I want to see the film and this song has got into my soul just like John Green's book. Now cry with me:

How unfair, it's just our luck
Found something real that's out of touch
But if you'd searched the whole wide world
Would you dare to let it go?

LYKKE LI - NO ONE EVER LOVED: Not my favourite you know... I wasn't excited about this song but the title is good :) No offense, the lyrics are really great and piano/voice combination is awesome but I just didn't like it as much as the others. Is not one of the worse ones for sure. Lyrics time!!

Heaven must've known
Heaven must've laid stardust in your eyes
To shine the light, close the hurt in my eyes
See me now? Never shines, never mind
Angel line fail right now

That's it guys, hope you liked it and now go and grab TFIOS from your shelf. After that, buy the album and thank John Green for changing our lives (it's an option) It's a pleasure writing to you, feel free to comment about the book or the soundtrack and its songs, I'd love to hear it.

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

PS: Sorry tomorrow there will be two pots Thursday's and Friday's I'm sorry!!!! I promise this time I'll make it

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Music Moday: I think you should meet George Ezra

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I hope your Monday is being nice :)
Today is my first music Monday so I better get this started. First of all I wanted to talk to you about an AMAZING-AWESOME-INCREDIBLE musician called George Ezra.

Let's start this up! George Ezra  is a British singer songwriter whose sound is so...bluesy? He released his debut EP (Did you hear the rain?) in 2013 and his second one (Cassy O') in 2014. What else can I say about him? Well he's #petan, he favourited one of my tweets (I couldn'tstop myself) and it doesn't seem like his voice belongs to his body.

He is currently on the road for his headline tour and doing a lot of interview. Also he has an album coming out, "Wanted on Voyage will be released on 30 June 2014 (and I'll be buying it).

From the interview I've read and his social media, George is a very funny person with a huge imagination, whose creativity helps him to write really good stories which eventually are turned into songs. He says that his songs are somehow made-up stories with an element of truth, which, in my opinion, makes them beautiful.

As far as I know he's come out of nowhere. Like seriously, I don't really know when he's started getting the recognition he deserves. I know he toured with Tom Odell, Lucy Rose, Rae Morris and played at Galstonbury BUT HOW? I dunno, but he definitely has talent for that and more. 

Also look at him!

Follow Georgina (yes, I've just caled him Georgina) awesome people!

PS: Tomorrow is Thoughts Tuesday YAY!!!
PS1: Thank you for reading and pretty please comment :)
PS2: I'm already preparing next Monday's playlist it's ging to be HUUUGE and COOOOOL so prepare yourselvesssss
♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

I'm back, and this time I'm not leaving

So...Hello...How's your life? I'm glad if you're fine, and if you're not just remember that eventually the sun shines for everyone, no matter where you are. 
As I was saying, I'm back after a exhausting year of endless studying and I'm almost finish, so now I can put up actual content with good quality. So I'm dedicating way more time to my writing and I'm happy for that, which means this blog has stopped hibernating YAAAASSSSSS!

The schedule I'll follow will be *drum roll*:
MONDAY: Music (need I say more?)
TUESDAY: Thoughts (where I let you in my mind)
WEDNESDAY: revieWs (books, movies and everything that needs reviewing)
THURSDAY: anyTHing (I mean like ANYTHING from a recipe to a picture of a bird)
FRIDAY: Fashion (You'll be swimming in a sea of high-fashion and low-cost)
SATURDAY: just Saying (Interesting things for interesting people, thre you go)
SUNDAY: Silly (I guess I'll just post whatever comes in my mind on a Sunday that is somehow worthreading)

So here it is, the schedule I made during Geography class, also thanks Rookie mag, Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, Jacksgap for inspiring me. If it wasn't for you guays I wouldn't be back doing what I like :)

PS: Of course my parents and my sister always there to support me, you deserve a THANK YOU.
PS1: This is getting way too awkward so rather stop it but first...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE (just kidding I promise).
PS2: Grace Helbig, Reviewing Wednesday where put in my blog to honour you and the effort you put in your works. 

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

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