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jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

Carta abierta, "La Cultureta"

Nada hacía presagiar, el pasado 6 de enero, que la colocación en la cocina de una radio imitando a las antiguas, iba a provocar una revolución en mí. Yo, que andaba algo perdida en esto de la actualidad, descubrí lo equivalente a una nueva dimensión de la información.
La siguiente misiva llega hasta ustedes desde un lugar no revelado. Ni yo sé cuánto escribiré esta vez.
Créeme si te digo, que sé que Ramón Bilbao es vino fiel que no dejará tirada a "La Cultureta"
Creedme cuando os digo, que sé que este pequeño gran equipo de profesionales han hecho que la cultura alimente los cerebros de afortunados oyentes, y llene de compañía sus corazones.
En apenas una hora (a veces ni eso-->demos gracias al añadido podcastiano que permite alargarse) logran colmarte de datos interesantes, los cuales desconocías, que saciarán tus inquietudes culturales cotidianas. Te salvarán de ser algo "analfabético" (¿dónde habré escuchado eso?)
Necesito que volváis a mis viernes en septiembre. Necesito el "créeme" del monólogo de Carlos al comenzar el programa, ya que anuncia una hora de tertulia cultural emocionante.
Cómo prescindir de la intelectualidad de Rosa Belmonte y sus destacadas recomendaciones de libros. Su forma de hablar y de hacer periodismo han sido un gran descubrimiento para mí, y estoy segura de que para otros oyentes. Es todo un referente para mí.
Qué decir de Rubén Amón, pluriempleado que lo da todo en La Cultureta, monopolizando tertulias, y siempre argumentando con fundamento y conocimiento. Pone el tono de humor que más de una vez me ha hecho parar por la risa, mis sesiones de "running" ganándome más de una miradita extraña de la gente, "¿de qué se estarán riendo esta?" pensarán.
¡Oh, la música! Gracias a JF, que trae esos datos curiosos que jamás se te habrían ocurrido buscar sobre canciones o artistas, y que permiten hacerte la interesante en más de una conversación.
No olvidemos Rodrigo y sus recomendaciones cinéfilas entre otras, nunca defrauda, siempre trae joyitas. Y tú, inocente, te encuentras el domingo apoltronada en el sofá, preguntándote qué haces viendo una película llamada "Dersu Uzalá", de un director del que jamás escuchaste hablar.
Guillermo Altares, enciclopedia andante, Wikipedia fuera de internet. Puede hablar de libros de Max Aub, tebeos a porrón, películas o historia con soltura. Te regala información exhaustiva e interesante. Definitivamente lleva su investigación hecha cada viernes.
Quiero más capítulos y enriquecimiento de mis expresiones inglesas de la mano de Guillermo Fresser y sus "Historias del Valle Sin Retorno".
Por último, como colofón a mi manifiesto, quiero dar las gracias al gran Carlos Alsina. No solo por su trabajo en La Cultureta, sino en el "otro programa". Su objetividad demostrada, y su capacidad para abordar, discutir y moderar debates, sobre los distintos ámbitos de la actualidad sin dejar de lado a la gran olvidada, la cultura, le posicionan como uno de los mejores de su profesión.
Me ha hecho descubrir la radio, que se ha convertido, a mis 19 años, en mi fiel compañera por encima de otros medios. Me ha hecho interesarme por la actualidad, ahora estoy ávida de información, y tengo más inquietudes.
La radio, y el periodismo en general, la necesidad de compartir información de calidad, se han convertido en una opción de futuro para mí gracias a él, y su buen hacer como de profesional de la información y la comunicación.
No se puede permitir que los mejores no continúen un programa de la envergadura cualitativa de "La Cultureta". Seguiré hablando de "La Cultureta", aunque miles de Moretti me persigan.
Este espacio, aparte de abrirme la mente y ser compañero incluso en ocasiones en las que me he sentido muy sola, me hace feliz, y creo que eso es mucho más de lo que se puede pedir.

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Eternal Sunshine of this movie will always be on my mind

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

At some point of his life Gondry decided that he was bored of classical movie structure, that rules were meant to be broken. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind he partners with Kaufman (whose screenwriting was more inspired than ususal since the script was designed in its every detail) to provide us with the ultimate portrait of love covered by a veil of fiction that aims to mislead us.

Let's get things straight, this movie doesn't follow a cronological order but I'll try to summarize and review it as best as I can. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Joel and Clementine are introduced to us as complete strangers who've just met out of casualty. Then a romance is brought to us when we discovered that in the past they were indeed, a couple (one of those whose problems start to outweigh the good times). A story of erased memories, a clinic with an experimental "treatment" and employees with no so easy lives; are the threads used to dig fearlessly in a world of feelings.

This movie is more than one love story, it is a lot of love stories, a lot of movies in just one. It shows that we like to hold onto memories rather than on actual facts. Couple resentments seem to bind more than loving and understanding in some cases (just wait till the end of the movie).

I think that what Gondry wanted ask with this movie was: Even if it's a horrible heartbreak, would you erase all those memories from your mind? All the time you spend with them, would it be worth it or a waste? Also the cliché "you can erase someone from your mind but not from your heart" applies marvelously to this movie (they don't remember each other but still fal in love).

Doesn't it all sounds familiar to you? Two people fall in love, break up, but after a long time they don't seem to remember what brought them to the edge and get back together - OMG THIS MOVIE IT'S A METAPHOR OF REAL LIFE!!!

Secondary roles weren't plain at all, all characters are deep and tell a story about different ways of loving and relationship, so that's another plus for this movie. Also the scenography is simple and spontaneous, it is very important in some moments, but gives the actors the attention they deserve in other scenes. Gondry really knew how to manage every little detail and angle.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is too beautiful. There's so much love-error and repeat, it reminds me of life itself and it's wonderful.

RATE: 4,8/5

♥ See you soon beautiful people ♥

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: We're back in 1989 with Ms Taylor Swift

We can call it a comeback. After taking a two years break from music (not really 'cause she worked on her new album) Swift is back and not empty handed, she's bringing us GOOD POP, like REALLY GREAT. As always she's change, grown and written her life in songs that we can make ours, all mix with 80's sounds that blend perfectly with the 1989's concept.

The album starts with 'Welcome to New York', the track that says goodbye to Nashville's country sweetheart and hello to the new worlwide pop-star that Taylor has become. She makes us dance along to her new beat with lines like "Took our broken hearts put them in a drawer" "Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before". This is definitely the best introducing track she could've chosen.

The second song, "Blank Space" IS INSANE. So many good lyrics in just one song, this one is probably one of the radio jams we're getting from this album. It's the perfect combination of base+lyrics+vocals, I just can't stop nodding my head to this beat, one of my favourite definitely. Please take a look at this sassy/perfect lyrics:
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane

Cause you know I love the players

And you love the game

Next two tracks are appearently about Harry Styles from 1D, "Style" (I mean, c'mon Tay-Tay...) and "Out of the woods". Taylor herself said that OOTW is about the breakable nature of some relationships and it's true, she got what she wanted, she made this song sound like the emotions. I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW POWERFUL AND GOOD THIS SONG IS OR HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL BUT IT IS DEFINITELY A GOOD FEELING.

Then we've got the typical pop sounds with "All you had to do was stay" and the can't-stop-replaying "Shake it off" and the omg-that-melody-is-awesome "I wish you would". Three different songs about different issues, we have love and how one part of the relationship reminds the other how they should've either stayed or comeback, not throw it all away with stupid fights. AND SHAKE IT OFF IS SUUUUCH A HAPPY SONG.

Now, "Bad Blood", which I personally love, maybe because I feel very identified with the lyrics and the rythm is so cheerleader alike, making it a relatively "sad" song about a bad friendship/relationship that once was kind of perfect and full of good memories. I'm in love with the lyrics 

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes

You say sorry just to show

I'm sorry but I feel kind of weird about "Wildest Dreams" because I feel like she has listen too much Lana del Rey. Don't get me wrong, I love Lana del Rey, but I'd rather listen to Taylor not doing this music because it's hard not to compare them. And as sorry as I am to say lyrics and parts of the beat are so Lana it's uncomfortable.

Another worth mentioning song is "Clean" which reminds me of RED album vibes and I love it. Seriously this track is amazing. i was afraid the album would missed a ballad but here it is.

So without further ado, I recommend listening to this album on repeat anytime at anyday, the sooner the better. Enjoy the lyrics, the beat, the pop sounds we all need sometimes. Swift's riskiest work to date gets her rid of the image of the Taylor we all knew, giving us a new, fresh and powerful woman who knows what she wants, goes and gets it. But we don't have to go deep inside to see tha Tay-Tay will always be Tay-Tay.

PS: Not the best review to date, I kept rewritting it and this is the best version I've got.

PS2: Next post --> TOMORROW (because being the messy person I am, I didn't upload on Sunday).

PS3: Gosh two comments in the same post... THANK YOU!! Thank you for taking time and reading my shit, it is what makes me happy, it's what I love to do, so thank you so much for considering it worth your time THANK YOU!!!

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miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

On future and how it turns out to be one of the scariest things for me

Sooooo the main issue here. I'm scared, extremely fearful about the career choice I've made.
I've chosen to study a degree in Psychology, but I'm not sure I've made the right decision.
Today, I was, very seriously, thinking (wow, my brain actually works) about what I want to do with my life when I finish my degree, basically what I will do for the rest of my life. yeezzzz, I want to do so many things!

Psychology seemed like what I wanted to study at first, and I'm not gonna lie, I really like the subjects I'm taking, but what if I'm wrong?
I mean, I want to help people, of course (that's why I'm studying Psychology in the first place) but I also want to be a speaker, I want to write books, I want to be an expert at Economics and English, I want to be able to speak 5 different languages at least. I really want to make music and discover all of physics' secrets (yes I love physics don't judge), I want to learn about graphic design, design my own clothing line, volunteer for at least two years straight... I WANT TO CREATE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Then, after thinking of all that, I had a panic attack, and after twenty minutes I realised that I've bitten my nails way too much much; one of my fingers was bleeding. So yeh...
What I want to tell you with this huge paragraph about how indecisive I am, is that if I would've had all the resources I would've studied English or music because that is what I really wanted (maybe if I were studying any of those, I would tell you that I wanted Psychology, 'cause that's what humans do). I'm not saying I've become the person people wanted me to be, but I'm 100% sure I'm not who I wanted to be by this time in my life either.

My darlings, when deciding about your future, write down your life goals, choose your prior one and divide it in small goals till you find one that is reachable at that time. That must be the next step you're taking in your life.
When deciding your future think for yourself and isolate from any external variables. It's your future, and you should be able to do whatever the hell you want about it.

Summing up, probably the best decision is the one that, when you think where it's gonna take you in ten years time, it allows you to picture yourself as a happy and fulfilled human being.

PS: I still don't know where the hell I'm going or what the fuck I'm doing.
PS2: Next post coming on Friday!! (omg I'm actually sticking to a plan, this is new)
PS3: If you're thinking about commenting or have just read this post THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE AWESOME

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lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

This songs sound like leaves falling. The ultimate Autumn Playlist

After (at least) two weeks of over-thinking and editing my Spotify playlist a thousand times to find the perfect autumnal sound, I decided to share with you my "Autumn Vibes" playlist.
I love all the songs that are here presented, but I must say my favourites are Pine Trees, Asleep, Slide Away and the masterpiece that is I Gave You All.
I tried to mix as many genres as I could, there are oldies and newbies, pop and folk... but all these songs get me in the fall mood and they've became my soundtrack for the past few days. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and also, tell me more songs so I can expand my collection.

PS: Do you have an Autumn playlist? 'Cause I would love to see  what kind of music ya'll into.
PS2: Next post coming on Wednesdaaaay any clue?
PS3: Thank you so so much for reading. I very much appreciate that you take time to read my posts and OMG EVEN COMMENTING SOMETIMES

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miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Ariana Grande is probably your everything by now

Just... don't take that title too seriously. But c'mon this month pretty much kicked off with Ariana's new album released and girl IT DIDN'T DISSAPOINTED AT ALL! This album is much more grown up than Yours Truly (which is the album I've replayed the most to date), it shows Ari's actual age and the fact that the little Broadway girl wants a place in the international pop scene.
I personally love this album, and though I can't say I love it more than the previous one, I can honestly state that it contains hits that will be stuck even in the heads of the indiest people out there.
Maybe it contains a bit too much collabs and not as many love/passion kind of songs, but we need to see where we're going form here.
Let's start with some of the songs!!

Ariana Grande – Intro: I love this Intro is the perfect introduction for this album, and the vocals fit perfectly with the melody. It's one of the small details in this album that shows us that Ariana is one of The Voices.

Ariana Grande – Problem: This is THE HIT of the album, though is not my favourite (I think I'm getting a bit tired of this one already) it is the catchiest one and the first single of "My Everything". Though Iggy does a good thing on the album the live version of her rap is quite dissapointing from my point of view.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time: Personally I see this as a single, it gives you the kind of getting ready/party night vibe. What I like about Grande's songs is the fact that it is not just pop, it is good pop and it shows the color of her voice.

Ariana Grande – Why Try: Not one of the best ones, though the vocals are good. But I just don't get some of the lines, probably that's why I don't like it that much :)

Ariana Grande – Break Free: Best second single ever!! Ariana recently said in an interview that this could be an I-got-over-you song or (the one I chose) a song about all the things that once trapped you and you'd overcome. I love this kind of empowering when it comes to pop songs (or songs in general, they're good for working-out if ya'll know what I mean).

Ariana Grande – Best Mistake: That beginning OMG, the vocals, piano, backing kind of beat mixture is amazing. The way Ariana's vocals blend with one another is a pleasure to hear and this song in general is beautiful, one of my favourites without doubt. Big Sean does a good job from what I know. The end of this song is what your ears have been waiting for since the song itself started huh?

Ariana Grande – Be My Baby: I'll just say that for me this is a very danceable (just made up a word) song but that's it. Very repetitive, even more than common pop songs. No more comments.

Ariana Grande – Break Your Heart Right Back:This song is summery and very dance-with-your-besties-at-a-party. It's a rollercoaster of rythims and backing vocals (THIS GIRL IS TOO MUCH). You can help it but go ahead and follow the music, even if it is drumming with your fingers buddy.

Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder: Explicit lyrics compare with the rest of the album in this one. Ariana has made a slow evolution to let us all get accostumed to her new beat and the path she's taking. It's interesting the way they've decided to blend all the melodies, voices, echoes... COOL!

Ariana Grande – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart: My fave, beautiful, wonderful ballad. I was worried that this album wouldn't get a proper ballad, like Tattoed Heart in the previous album but this song is just one proof that Ari knows what to work with. Appearently Styles wrote this song WHO KNEW THE BOY COULD WRITE LIKE THIS? The lyrics please listen carefully, just listen.

Ariana Grande – Hands On Me: I'm sorry but I can't help but see this as some kind of 90's poppy song, like from Britney or something (but with much better vocals). I don't know the story of this song and though it fits on the explicit kind of look she wants on the album, I just see it as a dancefloor song, yep, exactly, good for dancing.

Ariana Grande – My Everything: Closing the Standard album is another one of my favourites. I don't know why but this song makes me feel as if I had a recent breakup. I'm not lying when I say that I've cried some tears with this lyrics and beat. Stunning ballad to finish this album and showing the world that she's chamaleonic and authentic.

Jessie J – Bang BangAriana Grande – Only 1Ariana Grande – You Don't Know Me: This are the Bonus Tracks included in the Deluxe Edition, not worth missing, believe me.

PS: Hope you like this review! Have you listened to hte album? What do you think about it?
PS2: Tomorrow seems like a recipe kind of day huh? Or do you prefer some messed up thoughts?

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sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Love as I saw it

I'm not talking about the one you're raised with in a happy home,
I'm talking about the one you choose.
The one that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach without even see it coming,
The one that... with just one look leaves you without breathable air.
I want to feel it.
What is love? Where are you love?
Because everytime I seem to find you, you run away.
Where are you hiding?
The more you think you know it, the less you'll know.
LOVE is just a word made by lots of feelings.
I want to find my other half,
I want to know how it feels when he holds me.
How can I do it? How can your happiness depend on someone?
I've travelled all around the world, listened all the songs and yet... I don't know what love is.
It hurts when it's gone,
It's human, you can't live without it.
But while it lasts you'll be taking the risk.

PD: Don't know what's going on in this little head of mine (sorry if things got cheesy)
PD1: What about some recipes next huh??? huh???
PD2: If you're reading this I love you (please comment what you think about love)

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