Life seemed like a kaleidoscope to me. Everything changed and nothing made sense…but it was wonderful

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

El frío

Tengo muchos posts escritos y mucho miedo a que la gente los lea. Pero voy a ser lo suficientemente "valiente" para compartirlos... 

En esta noche de verano, en la que una SUPER ola de calor está pateando nuestros culitos, os hablaré de "EL FRÍO". Este texto ha estado rondando mi mente durante mucho tiempo, y si no lo escribo reviento. 

"Cuanto más fríos su mente y corazón
Más fría su alma

Más frío su cuerpo... 
Más fríos sus huesos"

Hubo un tiempo, en el invierno más frío de su corta historia, en el que su cuerpo superó la frialdad que dominaba su mente. No fue un proceso, solo un suceso. Fue contra todo pronóstico interno, confirmando todos los externos.

El INVIERNO comenzó en ella mucho antes que para sus semejantes, quizás aún quede un pequeño resto en su ser aunque sea verano.
El FRÍO comenzó a conquistar su mente hace años, y fue poco a poco, silencioso y calculador, apoderándose de cada recoveco de su alma, de su cada vez más pequeño y desvanecido cuerpo, de sus huesos, incapaces de calentarse. Podía verlos, e imaginar que salían en busca de calor no disponible.

Hoy, a pesar de mucho, siente que se está asentando el verano en sus huesos y la primavera está llegando a su cuerpo. Quizás su mente, su alma, aún no se han enterado, pero el calor también les llegará, ella quiero que les llegue.

Solo espero que su corazón esté preparado para aguantar muchos veranos más aunque amenace el invierno.

Thom Easton

I have a lot of posts written and am very afraid that people read it. I also am very scared of not being "brave" enough to share them...


I've been thinking about what you, non-existent readers that irremediably exist (not just 'cause my ego says so, but because you're a form/idea in my head) would like to read... It turns out that maybe, and just maybe, it doesn't matches what my writing skills allow me.


In this summer night, in which a heat wave is kicking our butty butts, I'll tell you about "THE cold". This text has been haunting my mind for a long time and if I don't write it I'll explodeeeee.

"The colder my heart and mind,
the colder my soul
The colder my body,

the colder my bones" 

There was a time, in the coldest winter she'd ever experineced in her short existence, in which her body surpassed the coldness that controlled her mind. It wasn't a process, one day it just happened. Against every internal forecast but confirming every external one.

"Thanks" to the coldness of her mind, her shrinking and vanishing body was incapable of warming itself, so she had to live glued to one of those coats you thought you'd never wore because it's "never that cold" in your town.

WINTER started in her long before everyone elses, and maybe there's still a small trace in her even if it's summer. 
COLD started conqueering her mind years ago and, little by little, it also conqueered each and every nook of hersoul.

The more cold her body received from those 2 superiors, the less warmth it keeped. That led to more cold reserved just for her bones.
If she looked in the mirror she could see them and imagine that they popped out in search for avaliable heat.

Today, despite some events, she feels summer starting in her bones and spring coming to her body.
Perhaps her soul and mind haven't realised yet, but warmth will get to them too. She wants them to receive it.

I just hope that my heart is prepared to hold plenty of summers even if winter threatens.

♥ See you soon beautiful people ♥