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viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

AnyTHing Thursday: A satire about a square head

Believe it or not, some people out there despise the arts, wheter it is music, drawing, photography, dancing... They think it is not worth our time, and therefore, people who spend their lives in an artistic way, are waisting their time.
I've come across a few of them in my school (a few luckily), and they are obsessed with maths and physics, not in a way. Like I love maths too, but they live to prove with science that  Human Studies and Arts are not worth our time. Also, they make sure you feel bad about choosing that discipline, and remind you constantly that you're going to have a hard time finding a job.
So this is for them, enjoy it:

Ignorante, eso es lo que eres.
Todo tan cuadriculado que lo tienes, aparentas cabeza bien amueblada, pero te hemos pillado en plena mudanza de palabras sin sentido.
Y tú sin saber que tú científica mente no sabe más que raíces cuadradas
¿pero cultura? JA de eso nada.
Te diagnostico con la peor enfermedad cultural, la ignorancia.
Aguda, infección la ignorancia; te hará perderte grandes cosas mientras tu absurda prepotencia patética te cegará.
Además, en equipo no sabes trabajar.
Y tu superioridad no llega a la de la mosca.
Por favor mantén la boca cerrada porque no hay peor cosa que hablar si no sabes nada.
¿Crees que a alguien así le dejarán hacer aviones para volar?
Por favor escucha mi petición y no hagas que se convierta en epidemia, ya que al escucharte, los que en ellos tienen la semilla de la pasividad, creerán lo que dices y se harán ignorantes, incultos igual.

Por favor ponte en cuarentena, no nos hará mal. Mientras tanto disfruta de tu ignorancia y lee algo.

Idon't know how it looks like in English, I tried to made it look as similar as possible, but it doesn't even rhyme. Sorry about that.

Ignorant, that's what you are. 
All of you is squared, looks like you have a well-furnished head, but we've caught in the middle of moving nonsense words. 
And you don't know that your scientific mind knows nothing but square roots 
But culture? JA nothing about that. 
I diagnosed you the worst Cultural disease, ignorance. 
Acute infection ignorance; you will lose great things while your pathetic mindless arrogance will blind you. 
Also, you do not know team work. 
And your superiority does not reach the fly's one. 
Please keep your mouth shut because there is nothing worse than talking without knowing nothing.
Do you think someone like that will let you make airplanes fly? 
Please listen to my request and do not make it become epidemic, if someone who have in them the seed of passivity listens to you, they will believe what you say and will become ignorant, uneducated like you. 
Please put yourslef in quarantine, it will not make us wrong. Meanwhile enjoy your ignorance and read something.

PS: Every single comment means a lot THANK YOU!!
PS2: I'm preparing next week, and it's got a theme and WHT A THEME!! I'll tell you on Sunday :)

♥ See you TODAY beautiful people ♥

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  1. I feel really bad for people who can't appreciate the arts. I'm so glad that my parents taught me to appreciate creativity, even though they themselves are scientists. I just wish everyone could look at other people without contempt or hatred because of what they love..

    1. I totally agree with you!! It's is also not healthy I think, because it keeps you busy with something that its non of your bussinnes. Also... they'd be much happier appreciating arts I'm sure about that, it's impossible.. I mean you need music, books ,something!! to get you out of here sometimes


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