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miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Ariana Grande is probably your everything by now

Just... don't take that title too seriously. But c'mon this month pretty much kicked off with Ariana's new album released and girl IT DIDN'T DISSAPOINTED AT ALL! This album is much more grown up than Yours Truly (which is the album I've replayed the most to date), it shows Ari's actual age and the fact that the little Broadway girl wants a place in the international pop scene.
I personally love this album, and though I can't say I love it more than the previous one, I can honestly state that it contains hits that will be stuck even in the heads of the indiest people out there.
Maybe it contains a bit too much collabs and not as many love/passion kind of songs, but we need to see where we're going form here.
Let's start with some of the songs!!

Ariana Grande – Intro: I love this Intro is the perfect introduction for this album, and the vocals fit perfectly with the melody. It's one of the small details in this album that shows us that Ariana is one of The Voices.

Ariana Grande – Problem: This is THE HIT of the album, though is not my favourite (I think I'm getting a bit tired of this one already) it is the catchiest one and the first single of "My Everything". Though Iggy does a good thing on the album the live version of her rap is quite dissapointing from my point of view.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time: Personally I see this as a single, it gives you the kind of getting ready/party night vibe. What I like about Grande's songs is the fact that it is not just pop, it is good pop and it shows the color of her voice.

Ariana Grande – Why Try: Not one of the best ones, though the vocals are good. But I just don't get some of the lines, probably that's why I don't like it that much :)

Ariana Grande – Break Free: Best second single ever!! Ariana recently said in an interview that this could be an I-got-over-you song or (the one I chose) a song about all the things that once trapped you and you'd overcome. I love this kind of empowering when it comes to pop songs (or songs in general, they're good for working-out if ya'll know what I mean).

Ariana Grande – Best Mistake: That beginning OMG, the vocals, piano, backing kind of beat mixture is amazing. The way Ariana's vocals blend with one another is a pleasure to hear and this song in general is beautiful, one of my favourites without doubt. Big Sean does a good job from what I know. The end of this song is what your ears have been waiting for since the song itself started huh?

Ariana Grande – Be My Baby: I'll just say that for me this is a very danceable (just made up a word) song but that's it. Very repetitive, even more than common pop songs. No more comments.

Ariana Grande – Break Your Heart Right Back:This song is summery and very dance-with-your-besties-at-a-party. It's a rollercoaster of rythims and backing vocals (THIS GIRL IS TOO MUCH). You can help it but go ahead and follow the music, even if it is drumming with your fingers buddy.

Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder: Explicit lyrics compare with the rest of the album in this one. Ariana has made a slow evolution to let us all get accostumed to her new beat and the path she's taking. It's interesting the way they've decided to blend all the melodies, voices, echoes... COOL!

Ariana Grande – Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart: My fave, beautiful, wonderful ballad. I was worried that this album wouldn't get a proper ballad, like Tattoed Heart in the previous album but this song is just one proof that Ari knows what to work with. Appearently Styles wrote this song WHO KNEW THE BOY COULD WRITE LIKE THIS? The lyrics please listen carefully, just listen.

Ariana Grande – Hands On Me: I'm sorry but I can't help but see this as some kind of 90's poppy song, like from Britney or something (but with much better vocals). I don't know the story of this song and though it fits on the explicit kind of look she wants on the album, I just see it as a dancefloor song, yep, exactly, good for dancing.

Ariana Grande – My Everything: Closing the Standard album is another one of my favourites. I don't know why but this song makes me feel as if I had a recent breakup. I'm not lying when I say that I've cried some tears with this lyrics and beat. Stunning ballad to finish this album and showing the world that she's chamaleonic and authentic.

Jessie J – Bang BangAriana Grande – Only 1Ariana Grande – You Don't Know Me: This are the Bonus Tracks included in the Deluxe Edition, not worth missing, believe me.

PS: Hope you like this review! Have you listened to hte album? What do you think about it?
PS2: Tomorrow seems like a recipe kind of day huh? Or do you prefer some messed up thoughts?

♥ See you tomorrow beautiful people ♥

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